VGuard Sentry - Server Protection Platform
VGuard Sentry
Server Protection Platform
Protect Against Global Threats

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Service Protection

VGuard Sentry is an active firewall control system for Windows servers, offering real time updates to constantly protect against ever changing threat actor networks. Ideal for protecting servers with public facing services such as web servers, FTP, API or any open port service. Using the VGuard update service, Sentry controllers are continuously updated with the latest data to block IP ranges from connecting to your server before an attempt can be made.

VGuard Sentry provides an additional level of protection to your network by blocking known IP risks, preventing brute force attacks and other attempted connection attacks. VGuard adds a pro-active layer of protection to your security system.

Worldwide Detection

We deploy a network of sensor nodes across the internet that actively detect threat actors and track the source of their tools. The data is then analyzed and graded to produce a database of know threats, this data then allows the Sentry application to adapt firewalls to block these networks in advance.

Threats are blocked on a time basis which is dynamic based on the security score or may be blocked permanently for repeat offenders.

How It Works
Network Protection
VGuard Node


Our node sensors deployed across the internet actively detect threat actors attempting to access remote systems such as web and database servers, services, open ports and APIs. This is then sent to our central processing system.

VGuard Service


Our central VGuard service processes the data from our nodes and provides a real time data link for our Sentry applications.

VGuard Sentry


The VGuard Sentry application installed on servers uses adaptive firewall control to block known IP addresses of threat actors based on our node data. Blocking known threats before they attempt to connect to your services.


VGuard is billed on a monthly based on the number of servers it is deployed on, a simple easy subscription that scales with your requirements.

VGuard Sentry
£10.00* per server/month

*Prices do not include local taxes or shipping and are in UK sterling

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